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Information Design Class
May 2022 - July 2022 
Process Project

Create a visualization of a process of a minimum of 10 steps or stages of making something.

The goal is to use as few words/labels as possible. Make the images tell the story.
It can be an orderly sequence, or a simultaneous view.

Three Trips Project

Design a map/diagram which shows the routes, and documents 3 trips

1 -  From your Boston living space to Ryder Hall – 15 kinds of information, minimum
2 -  From your Boston living space to your hometown (where your parents live) – 15 kinds of info, minimum
3 -  From your Boston living space to an overseas destination (your choice) – 15 kinds of info, minimum
      ( if your hometown, is overseas, choose an American destination, New York City or farther )


Thailand Infographic Project

Design a visually coherent group of information graphics about an assigned country

•  map of the continent showing the country, and 5 nearby countries 
•  map of the country showing 5 major cities, and important geographic features, and political divisions 
•  the country’s size in relation to an American state, or group of states approximately in the shape of your country 
•  population: per square kilometer, in relation to Singapore 
•  population: change over the last 100 years ( suggested dates 1900, 1920, 1940, 1960, 1980, 2000, Today) 
•  population: in relation to 5 other nearby countries (see map of continent above) 
•  population: under 15, 15–60, over 60, in relation to total; also % of urban population 
•  top 4 exports in relation to total exports 
•  top 4 imports in relation to total imports 
•  4 main export destinations and %, and 4 main origins of imports and % 
•  energy consumption: in relation to United States: total comsumption, and per head 
•  historical timeline with a minimum of 20 dates (6 –10 illustrations/icons, no photos) 
•  5 agricultural products – amounts of crops/animals in relation to each other 
•  society: percentage of people with cars, tv sets, mobile telephone, internet, etc. 
•  number of airports & railway mi/km, in relation to another country on your continent
•  religions % (christianity – % catholic/protestant; muslim – % sunni/shia, etc) 
•  languages or ethnic groups % 
•  three items relating to weather/climate 
•  two additional items relating to your interest 

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