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Swainson's Organic Coffee
Identity & Brand Project 

What is Bird Friendly Coffee?

This video can be found on youtube and the Smithsonian Bird Friendly Site. This will give context behind the inspiration for this brand and why a Bird Friendly Certification is important.


William Swainson is a 17th century ornithologist. An ornithologist is someone who studies birds. He has several birds species named after him but for this brand I focused on Swainson's thrush. Swainson's Thrush is a shy bird that summers in northern North America and migrates to spend their winter in northern South America, where many coffee plantations are located. This bird perfectly encapsulates the reason Bird-Friendly coffee  is important. It also gives the cause a face that connects back to bird conservation history and people that love birds like William Swainson. Swainson's thrush is currently listed as least concern but on the decline due to habitat loss, in summer and winter locations.


Photo from Bird Guides

Advertisements Version One

Version Two

Final Posters

Brand Pivot Posters

Same Brand but with a different audience, and design approach.

This focuses on the feeling of enjoying coffee instead of on its environmental impact. The coffee gals make the coffee an interesting and beautiful secret.

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Swainsons Poster Mockup .jpg
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