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Not A Toy

Branding Project Redesigning a Past Project

In progress 

Previous Design

My campaign aims to encourage those with pets, those thinking about adopting a pet, and any other people who care for pets to be fully educated in how to care for them properly. My design choices are presented in fun bright ways to bring attention, and make people of all ages look at and understand its point. I don’t want to shame, I want to make people research and ask themselves if a pet is good for them and if they are good for the pet.

The name came from my parents saying that “pets are not toys, be careful” or just parents saying “Hey, that’s not a toy”. It is also meant to be straightforward and visually impactful. The original inspiration for the project was my discovery that how I cared for pets when I was young was incorrect because of information my parents and I did not have or think to look for. I talked to my mother about it and she said she didn’t know these things either so the whole family didn’t care for the pets the way they should have been.

New Design Direction

In progress

I wanted to keep the playful feel but I was never happy with the logo. Going with similar colors with a new logo I decided to include imagery instead of illustrations to keep the focus on the pets and more detailed visual interest to the target audience of parents and kids interested in adopting pets. The whole direction is family-friendly, bright, and informative. This project exemplifies my growth as a designer, and one day I might redesign this again because I am working to gain new skills and perspectives.

New Logo

NAT logo stacked and horizontal-01.png
NAT logo stacked and horizontal-02.png

Brand Exploration

NAT experimentation-01.png
NAT experimentation-02.png
NAT experimentation-03.png
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