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This class project is focused on designing for a consumer with eco-conservation practices. A brand was created and a series of posters were made for a specific audience. This brand was then presented in a new way as if the target audience was completely different. 

What is Bird-Friendly coffee?


Design Co-op

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NEXPO pamphlet-01.jpg
NEXPO pamphlet-02.jpg

The NEXPO trifold is one example of collateral I created during my time as a Graphic Designer and photographer for the venture accelerator IDEA.​

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Thailand map-01.jpg

Three projects that explore different ways to communicate information.

A typography class project that displays a movie script next to the book text of the same story.​

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I am inspired by everything in nature. Mostly the coolest animals. Take their photo then paint 'em.


I am inspired by everything in nature.
Mostly the animals. 


Through two classes at Northeastern, I gained a baseline understanding of HTML, CSS, and java.
I created the graphics to go in these projects

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